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Adel Abdel Hadi Biography

"Good currency expels bad currency from circulation"

Adel Abdel Hadi (Adel Emam Abdel Hadi Emam), was born on June 20, 1983 in Cairo, Egypt
Adel Abdel Hadi obtained a Bachelor of Laws, and graduated from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, in 2004.
He founded the Office of Adalah Group for Advocacy and Legal Consultancy in 2006 and worked as director of the office and a legal advisor for a group of different companies, specializing in financial market issues and among the most famous cases he worked in (tampering with the shares of Talaat Mustafa Group in the circumstances of the killing of singer Suzan Tamim in 2010).
He obtained a legal advisor in international arbitration in administrative contracts and electronic contracts.
He obtained a degree from the American Academy of BOLMART in Financial Analysis, then worked as a financial and economic analyst in international stock exchanges
He gave a group of distinguished lectures at Ain Shams University, Helwan University, El Sawy Culture Wheel, on the global economy and trends in capital markets.

Co-operated with the largest group of brokerage firms in training on trade in the gold, oil and currency markets.
He wrote a number of articles on the sites about financial derivatives and various technical and economic analyzes that won the admiration of many followers.
Currently attending a master's degree in business administration from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences in Financial Market Risk Management.
He assumed the position of CEO of the FX stations company, which won the best financial broker from the Dubai International Exhibition for the year 2015.
Currently he is the CEO of Captec Group for Business Development, which owns a group of businesses, including Web Bakeries for Web Solutions,, a directory of lawyers, and other projects.